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About The Beader + The Reader

I started making waist beads in 2016 after searching for different jewelry to wear to express myself. When I found waist beads I thought they were one of the most beautiful ways to adorn my body. My beads were gentle reminders about how beautiful I am, how beautiful my curvy body is, and how powerful I am as a woman. I shared my creativity with some of my friends, too shy to put it out in the world for others.


I received my first deck of oracle cards as a gift December of 2018 (surprisingly). Since then, I have not put the cards down. My journey with tarot and oracle readings has been beautiful. A year after picking them up I was told in a life changing personal reading that intuitive tarot reading was a gift of mine. It was so affirming for me but still I kept my readings and learnings very private.

justtmythoughts launched in April of 2020 during an extremely transformative period in my life. I am blessed and grateful to be in the space to share my gifts confidently with those who are interested and willing to take a small dive into my universe.

heres to my love for body adornment, my love for readings, and most importantly my love for the beauty of the journey.

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