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What are waist beads for?

For whatever you'd like them to be for. Body adornment, weight tracking, intention setting.  Whatever your heart desires.

Who are waist beads for?

Waist beads are for any + everyone. JMT is BODY POSITIVE + encourages people of all shapes and sizes to adorn themselves + make themselves feel beautiful.

Will my beads fit me?

Yes, if you give me the right measurements! (See measuring video for more info).

Does the price go up depending on the length of the chain?


Do the beads/crystals have different meanings?

YES, See colors, charms + crystals page here.

Can I shower with my beads?


Does the string stretch?

You can request string that is stretchy. I also offer, traditional cloth string, stainless steel string, and the original nylon string I've always used.

Are the beads only for your waist?

No. I make anklets, bracelets, adornment for your thighs. The beads can also be worn around your hips, high hip, under your breasts, if thats what you want.

Please ask any additional questions in the "Contact Us" box.

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