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Crystals are an integral part of justtmythoughts body adornment. Below are some descriptions of the crystals offered for our custom adornment.

Amethyst - stimulates + soothes the mind + emotions. prevents drunkenness + overindulgence. controls evil thoughts. expands higher mind, enhances ones creativity +  passion. strengthens imagination + intuition. helps with new ideas + the actions behind them. great for beginners and meditation, purifies the aura provides wisdom + balance. helps support grief. third eye chakra.

Aventurine - stone of opportunity. manifesting. prosperity. wealth. boosting chances. alignment. releasing old patterns, habits + disappointments for new growth, creativity, motivation, perseverance. maneuvering life's obstacles, decisiveness. heart chakra.

Aquamarine - calming. soothing. cleansing. good luck. inspires truth + letting go. fearlessness + protection. protects those who travel near water. aids in clear + heartfelt communication. allows us to explore the depths of ourselves. cleanses the emotional body. helps consciously release martyr patterns. balances anger + fear. aids in better relationships with love + compassion. throat chakra.

Citrine - manifestation. imagination. creativity. self-expression. self esteem. letting go of the past. new experiences + exploration. personal will. clears the mind. new beginnings + pursuits. protects the environment. transforms negative energies into positive ones. releases anger + fear. helps reduce sensitivity to criticism. solar plexus + sacral chakra.

Carnelian- meditation. anchoring in the present. training +coordination of physical exercise programs. balancing body energy levels. prosperity, new resources + good luck. success in money-making ventures. restores lost vitality + motivation. stimulates creativity for new pursuits. improves concentration. protects against yours and others envy, rage, and resentment 

alleviates jealousy and possessiveness. sacral + root chakra.

Hematite - manifestation. grounding. clarity. focus. progress. transmutes negative energy + toxic emotions. absorbs toxic emotions holding you back from joy. clears negative energies, stress, anxiety  + worry. pulls negative energy out of your aura. balances all seven chakras. helps transform dreams into reality. root chakra.

Kunzite- opens and connects the mind and heart for healing amongst both. encourages release for walls built around the heart. aids in being receptive to unconditional love. heals the emotional body. encourages letting go of fears, the past, + worries abut the future. cultivates wanting to be present + allow life's gifts to flow in. heart chakra. crown chakra.

Kyanite - creates pathways where none existed before. opens mind centers + enhances telepathic + psychic abilities. allows receiving of  healing energy.  excellent for deep meditations. does not accumulate or retain negative energy. aids in excellent communication. helps release old cycles of self-destructive behavior, victim mentality, recurring emotional patterns / blockages. aids in new energy flows + shift in perception. encourages resolute action. throat chakra. third eye chakra.

Labradorite - self discovery.  self awareness. healthy spontaneity. intuition, pyschic abilities. protection of auric field, protection against negative energies + misfortunes of this world. assists in reducing anti-social/impulsive behavior, calms over active minds, energizes imagination. helps with new ideas. eliminates the emotional drain of routine, facilitates understanding. dispels illusion + assists in getting to the root of the issue. aids in banishing fear. enhances faith + self reliance. throat chakra.

Lapis Lazuli - wisdom. truth. honesty. harmony. growth. dignity. compassion. communication. good judgement. understanding. learning self-expression. problems solving, self-awareness. enhances clear perspectives. third eye + throat chakra.

Malachite - purger. aids in releasing abuse, especially abuse experienced in childhood. helps release negative experiences and old traumas. aids in release fear of confrontation or being seen or noticed. helps you feel comfortable and confident with your place in the universe. heart chakra. *needs to be cleansed often*

Obsidian - shows one’s own inner demons + darkest truths. aids in deep soul healing.  reveals the reasons behind one’s imperfections and causes of disease, and provides a clear picture of what to do to change them. aids with growth and resolution. heavy duty grounding. shields from negativity in the environment + from others. identifies the root of the problems. helps those who have lost their power, regain it by showing you dark truths. reveals what needs to be released. helps cultivate self-compassion.

root chakra. *needs to be cleansed under running water weekly* *will only work when you are ready to do the work*

Peridot - confidence. wisdom. intellectual progression. attunes + regulates the cycles of one's life (physical, mental, emotional). helps the heart. helps eliminate negative patterns + vibrations, helps remove blockages. heart + mind opener for grace + gratitude. helps counter addictions. facilitates healing in ones journey. releases nervous system. tension. promotes relaxation. cleanses + heals hurt feelings. helps with understanding in order to move forward. heart chakra.

Quartz - master healer. versatile. multi dimensional. good for meditation.  + communication with guides. attracts love + prosperity. overall any purpose. all chakras.

Rainbow Moonstone - fertility. calming + soothing. assists with acceptance of love + opening of the heart. eases emotional trauma. helps identify subconscious patterns. provides psychic protection. clears the mind + senses. aids in lucid dreaming + calm sleep. reunites loved ones who parted in anger. deflects negativity. helps connect with all aspects of nature. crown chakra.

Rhodoniteknown as the first aid stone. aids in forgiveness, healing, restoration, reclaiming + reinvigoration of self. purpose. cooperation. altruism. helps heal emotional wounds + scars of the past. helps with reaching full potential + using God given gifts. helps bring someone back to themselves during stressful times. helps release self-destructive tendencies, festering emotions + allows one to see clearly. heart chakra.

Rose Quartz - heart stone. peace. tenderness. healing. helps emotional wounds, fears + resentments. promotes self-love, personal fulfillment, nourishment, contentment, helps one give + receive love. heart chakra.

Ruby Fuschite - known as the fairy crystal. manifestation, joy, happiness, helps with discovering your true passions. can reccharge your spirit with love, emits healing vibrations. helps heal conflicts dealing with emotions. helps bring strength to you for everyday needs. heart, root +sacral chakra.

Strawberry Quartz - soothing + calming in fast pace environments. amplifies intentions of love, appreciation + generosity. attracts people who are mirrors to help us grow in love. helps balance the  body, emotions + psyche. helps re-align. brings matters of healing to the surface to eliminate outdated beliefs + restrictions you put on yourself. promotes self-love + loving relationships with those around your + your environment. root chakra.

Tiger's Eye - perseverance.prosperity. good fortune. reflecting back negative energy to it's sender. steady money. career changes. adapting to unfamiliarities. attention to detail. helps during crisis + decision making. emotional stability. anxiety reduction. promotes feelings of adequacy. solar plexus chakra.

Tourmaline Quartz - heals + restores energy. promotes clarity. eliminates destructive patterns. grounds + protects. increases personal power. balances yin + yang to release negative behaviors + patterns. increases personal power. balances auric field. eliminates feelings of abandonment. helps with feelings of security in love. promotes light heart + clear head. root chakra.

Turquoise - protection. solace. peace. vitality. purification. strength. self-realization. healing from physical conditions. promotes leadership. assists with relocation + travel. helps avoid unwise decisions. aids depressions, exhaustion + panic attacks. balances emotions. relieves stress. bring you back to your heart center. dispels negative energy. helps with public speaking. stabilizes mood swings. helps with self sabotage. soothes the mind. third eye  + throat chakra.

Unakite - balances the emotional body. encourages harmony. releases heavy emotional triggers that perpetuate unhealthy behaviors. gets to the root of disease and other health issues caused by the emotional heart + aids to release those deep seated feelings have been repressed + internalized. brings these feelings up to the surface + gently aids in releasing them without causing new trauma. heart chakra.

Yellow Jade - dream stone. optimism. enthusiasm. wisdom. intellect. harnessing your personal power for fulfillment, self confidence, courage, abundance + tranquility. dispels harm + negativity. brings good luck + good fortune. self sufficiency. healthy release of emotions. aids in creating connections with all living things. emotional stability. harmony in relationships. solar plexus chakra.

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